Hero Time Team

Our international team speaks more than 10 languages and spans multiple continents, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We’re here to help you with everything related to creating and manufacturing your board game.

You can learn more about our team members below, or contact us to talk directly to the most appropriate person and get actionable advice on your board game manufacturing project.

Hersh Glueck

Owner and CEO

Hersh is a board game manufacturing expert who has made it his mission to build a platform for publishers to make their games as easily as possible.

Daily tasks: Helping customers and making sure everything is working as it should. 

Jessie Zhang

Chief Marketing Officer

Jessie has extensive experience working as a strategic marketing planner for companies such as Filmora, Tencent, and others. 

Daily tasks: Ensuring Hero Time gets and stays ahead on all fronts.

Jez Saw

Chief Operating Officer

Jez manages our sales team and works with our Creator Assistants to make sure your project starts, finishes and ships on time.

English, Chinese

Chloe Ying

Assembly & Logistics Manager

Chloe manages assembly and logistics to make sure your game is delivered on time and to the right locations.

English, Chinese

Barry Mazal

Creator Assistant


Barry specializes in game design and is happy to brainstorm with you to select components and make sure you’re prepared for production.

English, Hebrew

Yang Yu Hua

Sourcing and Quality Manager

Yang worked as a quality control specialist in SGS testing labs, and for Disney products across China.

Daily tasks: Purchasing materials and ensuring product quality.

Yang Li Bin

Facility and Production Manager

Yang grew up in a family that owned a printing house, and has worked in the industry since the age of 16.

Daily tasks: Scheduling of all daily tasks and objectives across our production team.

Rob Ingle

In-House Graphic Designer

Rob is a professional designer and illustrator who helps game creators design printable files.

Daily tasks: Helping you design and create eye-catching, printable art for your game.

Bryan Tan

Key Account Manager

Pablo Guevara

Creator Assistant

Jeffrey Lee

Senior Executive Associate

Lau Si Wen (Lynn)

Key Account Manager

Chelsea Chew

Fulfillment Manager

Grace Yeow

Printing Designer

Forrest Bower

Creator Assistant

Jeff Bourbeau

Partnerships and Alliances Manager

Zhi Long

Printing Engineer

Zhi specializes in all things printing and is responsible for calibrating the machines used to make your printed game components.

Daily tasks: Making printing plates and calibrating printing machines.

Li Xiao

Machines Operator

Li takes care of machine-specific functions, such as calibrating and fixing all production floor equipment.

Daily tasks: Calibrating and maintaining the equipment used to manufacture your game.

Judy Hong

Assembly Manager

Judy is responsible for managing the assembly of game components and ensuring that products meet our strict quality standards.

Daily tasks: Planning and overseeing the assembly line.

Li Ying

Logistics Manager

Li oversees and manages our extensive international logistics partnerships to ensure games are shipped efficiently.

Daily tasks: Getting finished games to where they need to go.

Pooya Bian

UI/UX Designer

Pooya is a specialist in user interfaces and web design who is responsible for the look and feel of our web presence.

Daily tasks: Ensuring website users enjoy their visit and can find all documentation. 

Bilal Hussain

Systems Architect

Bilal specializes in designing and maintaining our IT infrastructure.

Daily tasks: Building and maintaining the IT infrastructure that guarantees speed and order success.

Nick Gibson

Digital Marketing Manager

Nick is responsible for managing our digital visibility and online marketing.

Daily tasks: Producing, maintaining, and optimizing our online content.

Xiu Jin

Artwork Setup Manager​

Part of our production team, Xiu manages setting up artwork and ensuring your game is organized and ready to print. 

Daily tasks: Fixing and organizing files for printing.

Hong Shu Ling

Human Resources

Hong is responsible for managing all personnel and ensuring our workers are happy, safe and satisfied.

Daily tasks: Working with our entire team to create a safe, fulfilling work environment.

Benny Goldstein

Product Development & Prototyping

Creator of Zaberias, Benny is a board game designer who specializes in creative ideas related to product development. 

Daily tasks: Helping game creators with out-of-the-box ideas and effective game design concepts.

Liam Lau

Account Manager

Venny Chan

Account Manager

Our Assembly Team

In addition to the team members listed above, we have a dedicated assembly team who specialize in putting together your game’s components, boxes, and other parts for shipping and delivery.

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Board Game Creators are the pillars of the board game industry. As a board game manufacturer, it is our duty to make sure you have everything you need throughout your journey.


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